Phishing Simulation

Tetrisponse's phishing simulations empower your team to identify

and counter real-world phishing threats, enhancing cybersecurity


Our Vision

In the ever-complex arena of cybersecurity, phishing emerges as a relentless adversary. As revealed by the Anti-phishing Working Group's extensive studies, the surge in phishing attacks is alarming. Their report from 2022 underscores a sobering statistic: over 4.7 million phishing attempts were logged, marking an explosive increase of more than 150% annually since 2019. Falling prey to such tactics is not just an operational hindrance—it can lead to dire outcomes like the loss of sensitive data, crippling ransomware attacks, and insidious Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams.

Getting Started With Our Phishing Simulation Service

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How does it actually work?  

At Tetrisponse, counter-phishing initiatives are custom-tailored to specific needs. Collaborating with internal teams, Tetrisponse meticulously crafts a targeted phishing campaign, considering essential factors like the select employee group, the nature of phishing emails, and the campaign's duration. 

With vital inputs like a list of target emails and a sanctioned inbox, simulated real-world phishing threats are executed. This not only gauges the susceptibility of the workforce but also helps instill a vigilant cybersecurity culture, preparing them for the evolving phishing tactics of the real world.

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