Tetrisponse is a boutique premium-grade consulting platform in the field of cyber and information security providing a variety of services, including incident response, readiness, prophylactic investigations, cyber training programs, security capabilities assessment and building and advice on implementation of tailor-made posture and environments plans.

Do you need Security as a Service? Contact our team at info@tetrisponse.io

Our Founder

Reut Menashe is the CEO of Tetrisponse. She served as an InfoSec officer in an IDF Cyber Unit, has years of experience in the cyber and information security field, and has vast knowledge in a variety of areas. Reut is also one of the organizers of BsidesTLV and Leading Cyber Ladies. She has worked with both the civil and HLS industry and has mentored many passionate information security lovers from entry-level to experts.

Our Experts

Tetrisponse was founded with the ability to hire top talent from niche fields. We are able to do so because we take a unique approach to find the right people.

Our teams are made up of leading experts in their fields, including former employees of incident response firms, Israeli military intelligence, and military cyber defense units.